RPZ qname-wait-recurse no

No DNS records are needed for a QNAME or Client-IP trigger. The name or IP address itself is sufficient, so in principle the query name need not be recursively resolved. However, not resolving the requested name can leak the fact that response policy rewriting is in use and that the name is listed in a …

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wkhtmltopdf vs maximum pages

wkhtmltopdf use 2 file descriptor per page (one each for header and footer) which are required for generating the per-page custom variables. By default Linux allows users to open up to 1024 files. So in case if your document contains more than 512 pages you have to change this limit up to a higher value. In Ubuntu …

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Infoblox Reporting. DNS Top RPZ Hits with Discovered Name.

This is a custom version of “DNS Top RPZ Hits” report with added Discovered Name/Network View fields and removed Time field.