Infoblox Reporting. IPAM Statistic Used/Unused IPs per a subnet

This simple search shows IPAM network usage statistic. index=ib_ipam sourcetype=”ib:ipam:network” cidr<25 | streamstats dc(_time) as distinct_times | head (distinct_times == 1) | table NETWORK address_total address_alloc address_unalloc

Infoblox Reporting. IPAM Discovered Device History by Network

 This is a custom version of this dashboard. I’ve added networks filter. The query for the filter is not an optimal in terms of performance but anyway will work good for small IPAM databases.

Infoblox Reporting. Inactive MAC Addresses

This report is a custom version of “Inactive IP Addresses” report and provide information about MAC addresses that were not connected to a network for a while.

How to determine Splunk version

This search shows Splunk’s version. | rest /services/server/info | table splunk_server version Vadim