OSX local dictionary

OSX local dictionary is located in this file:~/Library/Spelling/LocalDictionary So if you by mistake added some misspelled word you can delete it from this file.Vadim

RPZ qname-wait-recurse no

No DNS records are needed for a QNAME or Client-IP trigger. The name or IP address itself is sufficient, so in principle the query name need not be recursively resolved. However, not resolving the requested name can leak the fact that response policy rewriting is in use and that the name is listed in a …

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Checking BGP prefixes number match between peers

This simple Perl script for Infoblox Network Automation checks that BGP number of prefixes between peers are match. It logs on the selected router(s), receives BGP peers table and sequentially logs on the peer routers and checks that prefixes numbers are match. If an inequality was found it generates a custom issue.

Обновление: der Biber – программа/excel-файл для изучения иностранных слов

Обновился excel-файл для изучения иностранных слов. Если вы изучаете английский, то программа стана немного более дружелюбной. Исправлены жесткие ссылки на немецкие словари и добавлена ссылка на словарь macmillan.Подробное описание (как пользоваться файлом) можно прочитать тут: http://ipvm.biz/?p=245Скачать der Biber можно тут:

How dangerous can be an open DNS resolver

    Almost every IT specialist knows that open recursive DNS server can be very dangerous but I’ve never seen any example what happens and how fast it will be utilized in inappropriate way. These were interesting questions for me and I decided to make a small study and opened my DNS server for everybody in Internet. …

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How to change MAC of a virtual machine to MAC which belongs to reserved VmWare MACs

Sometimes it is necessary to change MAC address of a virtual machine and in most cases there is no any issue except MAC-addresses which belong to reserved VmWare MACs. In this situation ESXi shows such error: Unable to manually change MAC address for virtual machine Failed to start the virtual machine. Module DevicePowerOn power on failed. Could …

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Creating perl scripts in Infoblox Network Automation (NetMRI)

Creating scripts in Network Automation is a very simple task. But these scripts can be very powerful and useful.Look at my presentation and you will know how to create Perl-scripts, to use internal objects, to interact with network devices and to sync data with Infoblox DDI solution.

NIOS MD5 checksums check script

Small shell script which can help you check MD5 checksums for all NIOS files. Just download all files into one directory and run the script. #!/bin/bash dr=”.” ch=`find $dr -name “nios*checksum.txt”` echo $ch for fl in `find $dr -name “nios*.ova” -o -name “nios*.bundle” -o -name “nios*.ovf” -o -name “nios*.vmdk” -o -name “nios*.bin” -o -name “nios*.bin2” …

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Some Network Automation (NetMRI) WAPI calls

1. First of all you have to authenticate yourself curl -c auth.file\&password=MYPASSWORD «Cookie» with auth data should be saved into file after the «-c» option. In my example it is saved into the auth.file. 2. You can’t export devices with interfaces. You can export devices and interfaces separately. For example, command: curl -b auth.file …

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DNS attacks visualization

DNS can be very interesting. Below is the visualization of DNS attacks. Have fun! Some details about this study you can read here (in Russian). Later I will prepare full report about it on English and Russian. BR, Vadim